If you’ve ever dreamed of being a successful forex trader but you thought it was only really for those rich city types then you’ll want to read every word of this letter.

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A Quick Warning.

If You Are Already A Successful Financial Trader Earning A Second Income Then This Isn’t For You And I Wish You Continued Success. But If You Want To Learn How To Start Out The Right Way And At The Same Time Save Yourself Lots Of Time And Money, Then Read On!

Dear Budding Forex Trader,

The biggest fear I hear stated most often when talking to potential forex traders is one of losing all of their money.

They would really like to give trading a go but the loss of money is the main thing which is holding them back and preventing them from even making a start.

For that reason alone I created this report.

I know that you are probably very skeptical right now.  Let me guess what some of the thoughts running through your mind might be:

  • Who is this guy telling me how I can become a successful trader?
  • I have no money so I have no chance.
  • Trading is only for the rich guys with plenty of spare cash.
  • I’ve seen all the stories of people losing everything when the Banks collapsed.
  • I wouldn’t know where to start.

Am I anywhere close? Plus many more thoughts and fears along those lines.

For the next few minutes I want you to put all of those kinds of thoughts and ideas out of your mind.

Make yourself a drink, sit back and let me show you in this short but info packed  report why it doesn’t have to be like that for you.

Let me begin with a question you may be asking yourself?

What marks my report out as different from all of the other stuff already out there?

Let me tell you.

Back in the mid 2000’s when I started my own financial trading journey I took many courses and read a lot of books on the subject of financial trading, particularly Forex trading.

Some were very good, some not so good and many downright rubbish. Whilst combined they all gave me enough knowledge to start my trading career none of the ones I took or read really prepared me for what I was getting into.

I was suckered into the vision of easy riches and push button profits touted by many of these products.

That is simply not the truth!

When the heat was on and my trades were running I suddenly found gaps in my knowledge which proved to be at first just very frustrating but ultimately very expensive and soon emptied my trading bank.

It was like having all of the jigsaw pieces right in front of me but not having access to the picture to help build them into the complete scene.

I was right back to square one but I was determined not to quit!

If they could do it, I could do it and so can you.

Out of that frustration and financial loss The Cold Hard Truth About Forex Trading report was born.


The Cold Hard Truth About Forex Trading And Why Mastering These 3 Simple Rules Could Save You From Losing It All.

Catchy little title don’t you think :)?

Just reading this short report could potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of $’s. Forex trading done badly can be a very painful and expensive experience, don’t let that happen to you. Learning and undewrstanding just these 3 simple rules will build you a solid foundation and make you better prepared to be a successful forex trader than almost all other newbies.

Here are just a few of the useful things you will discover inside.

  • Which Small But Essential Tool Can Save You $$$’s On Almost Every Trade.
  • The Single Most Important Skill To Have In Your Forex Trading Toolbox.
  • The One Element Over Which You Have 100% Total Control.
  • Learn The 2 Vital Points You Must Know Before You Ever Consider Placing A Single Trade.
  • Find Out Why All The Research In The World Won’t Save You And Your Cash If You Don’t Master These 3 Things.
  • Learn These Lessons Once And Trade With Confidence Every Time.
  • Discover The Real Secrets To Becoming A Successful Trader, It Has Nothing To Do With How Much Cash You Have.
  • Learn How To Keep Your Losses To An Absolute Minimum, Every Time.
  • Discover How To Keep Fear And Greed At Bay, You Will Never Be Successful Long Term Without This Skill.

If you have read this far then I am going to assume that you are interested in making an additional second income by trading in the forex markets.

If so, why hesitate any longer?

You’re missing an opportunity to make a start straightaway on building a solid foundation to your budding trading career and delaying yourself the opportunity to set out on the path to putting that extra money in your pocket.

Every day that you’re not using this course to get you underway is a day of more missed opportunities and lost potential income.

Without the information in this report you will either never realise your dream of becoming a successful forex trader or, worse still, lose considerable amounts of money and time by trading in the wrong way without these essential skills.

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You can purchase your totally risk free copy of the report and give yourself the best chance of being successful.

You can do nothing and continue pretending that you want to be a forex trader but don’t have the knowledge required, or worst of all

Dive straight into forex trading with the limited knowledge that you currently have and risk losing much of your hard earned cash.

Why take that risk?

Imagine your life 6 months, a year down the line. Do you still want to be dreaming about a way of making that second income to pay for those little extras you so wish you had, the ones that make life so much more fun?

Or do you want to be well on your way to becoming a fully fledged forex trader making a considerable second income if not a full time income if that is what you are aiming for?

The choice is yours, grasp this opportunity right now. What have you got to lose?

To your future success,


Gordon Bendall

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